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About Us

About Lavanya International

Lavanya International is a professionally managed organization and emerged as a leading manufacturer and exporter of garden tools, Agricultural tools and construction tools in India backed by well trained professionals with years of experience, guaranties provision of quality service to our clients supported by very efficient team. Company has earned a reputation that has a unique combination of quality, value, trust and reliability. We were born from the aspiration to connect garden lovers with the best choice of gardening tools including Cultivating Tools, Landscaping Tools and more, according to their needs.

We comprehend the value of innovation and work towards overhauling our processors and enhancing our core competencies. Precise corporate strategy, which is an assurance of profitability and company development in an economically responsible way, allows to continuously introduce innovative products, gaining new markets and continuous development of segmentation strategy.

During the past few years, we have been dedicated to providing the quality products at reasonable prices and professional customer services. We are experienced in ensuring our products such as garden digging tools&hand garden tools for weeding provide pleasant gardening experience to its end user. We will continue to uphold the development concept of more stable quality and better service, continue to innovate, and carefully build a brand image that customers can trust.

As a Garden Tools Manufacturers in India, our products are of excellent quality and comply with British Standards [BS]. In the process of development, we always regard quality as the primary requirement. Our company have certificates like ISO 9001 and ISO14001. Our organization understand the importance of social compliance for our human resources, we have been certified with SA 8000. Our company ensures that our production process is environmentally sustainable and we procure all the materials in socially and economically viable way we have been certified as Forest Stewardship Council [FSC] certificate, which guarantees that we use high-quality wood procured in sustainable way.

With the start of the gardening season, the expert and amateur gardeners have started taking stock of their tool connection while at the same time adding more to the potting shed. Lavanya International is the leading manufacturer of high quality garden tools and offers innovative products for your everyday gardening need which includes Garden Spade, Fork, Garden Hand tools, Long Handle tools, kids tools etc as Garden tools are an umbrella term for variety of tools and equipment.

WHY Choose US?

Lavanya International has a proven track record of success in the sales and customer support. We don’t outsource, each & every process is done In-house by undergoing through our quality experts.


With a strong financial foundation and infrastructure Lavanya International is primed and ready for rapid growth and a stronger presence in the market for our product offerings. The group’s main mantra has always been customer service and satisfaction.


Our aim is to make the best use of latest and use our innovative ideas to produce Garden Tools, Garden hand Tools, Agricultural and Construction Tools,


Our primary objective is to employ the latest technology and cutting-edge ideas to create Gardening Equipment, Garden Hand Tools, Agro and Construction Toolkits. End - user should use premium products while also developing products that meet the needs of as many customers as possible. We have competent people that will steer you with their creative tips by staying in daily communication with your corporation and notifying you about industry trends.


Since our initial conception, we have ensured that our products are as per British standards. Never letting the customer down in the quality because we recognize and respect our client’s corporate image. We have a wide selection of high-quality gardening equipment and garden supplies.


We have a proficient team of professionals who have extensive knowledge in technology and are specialists in the gardening field. A clued up and credentialed team. Our team polishes the art of efficiency and achieving the desired goal while giving preference to end user needs in a very simple way for assembling techniques and integrating the latest technology to improve the gardening experience.


The plant and machinery of Gardening Equipment, Garden Hand Tools, Agricultural and Construction Tools, and the company are in possession of property measuring 13,500 square meters and a skilled workforce of approximately 200 workers with adequate “A” grade well design and construction accommodating the following machinery.

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