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Stainless Steel Traditional Ashwood Handle Range(29)

Toughened stainless steel head. Thick socket to support high load on rivet. Shock absorbing ash wood handle with bcurver for better grip. Weather proof clear lacquerred ash wood shaft.

Stainless Steel Premium Range(33)

Hardened mirror finish stainless head. Extra durable carbon steel MYD grip. Flexible light weight ash wood hadle for effortiess use. Long foam soft feel sleeve for comfort grip.





Contractor Range(8)

Heavy duty tools. Specially designed for construction purpose.

Carbon Steel with Wooden Handle Range(41)

Extra strong ideally hardened carbon steel head. Thick ash wood handle for robust work. Double riveted for better durability.

Carbon Steel with Plastic Handle Range(31)

Epoxy coated hard wearing carbon steel head. TPR soft grip with PPCP handle. Strong steel shaft for greater durability with double insulated soft grip for extra comfort. Bend shaft for better work posture to comfort users back.

All Steel Range(7)

Carbon steel head. Tubular steel shaft. Varnished MYD handle.


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